Building Wall Envelope

Due to the rainy climate, viagra usa treatment many homes in Oregon and along the Pacific Northwest face moisture intrusion issues that lead to mold growth within interior walls. Mold growth/damage are extremely costly issues that can cause thousands of dollars in removal and remediation. Along with costly expenses, viagra sale prescription mold growth can cause serious health issues. A building envelope system is engineered to help manage many of these issues homeowners face.

What is a building envelope system?

A building envelope system is the physical separation between the interior and exterior of a building. Building envelopes can reduce air and water infiltration to help prevent drafts and water damage while still being vapor permeable (to allow water vapor to escape), thus preventing mold growth and wood rot. Many homeowners choose to have these barriers installed in conjunction with new James Hardie Siding. When properly installed by professionals, building envelopes effectively save home owners money by reducing energy consumption. Building Envelopes reduce energy consumption by HVAC systems by keeping cool-conditioned air inside while insulation helps slow conduction of heat through walls. Enhancing the effectiveness of the building envelope is a low-cost way to protect your home from the elements while saving you money through energy efficiency.

Advantages a building envelope system include:

  • Protection against water damage
  • Prevention of mold growth
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased building durability
  • Reduced building maintenance



Tyvek, HardieWrap and RainDrop 3D are examples of popular building wraps and used in conjunction with sealants and flashing tape to help create a highly-effective building envelope system for homes and commercial buildings. These are breathable products that are designed to channel water away from the walls of your home and promote drying.

After your home is fully wrapped, all seams are taped to provide a continuous barrier against the elements. Metal flashing is installed on all doors and windows prior to caulking with a flexible sealant. Light boxes and water spigots are encased in blocks, flashed, and sealed. The sealant responds like an elasticized cuff on a jacket, it expands and contracts to meet the needs of the home.

Having an experienced exterior contractor perform these tasks correctly is important to the efficiency of the building envelope. Michael Angelo Exteriors has over 25 years of experience installing building envelope systems. If you have any questions about these systems or would like to schedule a free estimate, please contact us at (503) 949-5371.